Waste Disposal

Garner Environmental Services, Inc. provides a cost-effective and comprehensive waste management program for all of our clients. We provide a solution for all your disposal needs. From hazardous and non-hazardous bulk waste, to smaller items such as drums and lab packs, we can handle it all. Our trained and professional staff will assist in determining the best and most cost effective method of treatment for your waste. Garner has teamed with a network of fully regulated and accredited treatment facilities to ensure that your waste is handled in compliance with all state and federal regulations. From incineration to land burial, Garner can handle it all.

Lab Packs

Do you have small quantity chemicals that are outdated or no longer needed in your operation? Garner Environmental Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive lab pack program. Our trained and professional staff will inventory, characterize and segregate, and package these chemicals in preparation for disposal. All of these activities will be done in strict compliance with all EPA and DOT regulations. Disposal will be with a fully regulated and accredited treatment facility. Let us help you stay in compliance with our lab pack program.

For additional information, please contact:

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