EOC Planning & Management

A consistent strength of Garner Environmental in oil, chemical or disaster response is a history of emergency operations management, Incident Management Teams & Trainers and on-going training of Commercial & State emergency managers and supervisors according to project management standards, NIMS, and ICS. As a matter of experience, Garner will supplement EOC personnel in positions necessary to positively affect the outcome of a response. Garner personnel have served in many capacities in the EOC and the field as necessitated by the response.

Garner maintains a high-level emergency management division. We have a state of the art Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC). The EOC receives vital information from local TV, cable channels, area public safety departments, and an advanced weather monitoring service. Within the EOC, staff has multiple communications capabilities including the ability to monitor active calls, communicate by phone, email, radio, and video teleconferencing.

During major events, the EOC is the gathering point for the decision makers and command staff within the event. Together this group utilizes the Emergency Management Plan (EMP) and cultivates plans to retain safety for the citizens.

It assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks to members of the city or county staff and is divided into twelve emergency support function annexes, each identifying specific activities and actions taken before, during, and after emergencies. Our Emergency Management Plan is continually updated and exercised during both training and emergency situations.

Garner can provide senior-level experienced supplemental EOC support for:

  • ESF 1: Transportation
  • ESF 2: Communications
  • ESF 3: Public Works Team
  • ESF 4: Firefighting Team
  • ESF 5: Information & Planning Team
  • ESF 6: Mass Care Team
  • ESF 7: Resource Support Team
  • ESF 8: Health & Medical Team
  • ESF 9: Search & Rescue Team
  • ESF 10: Hazardous Materials Team
  • ESF 11: Food & Water Team
  • ESF 12: Energy Team
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