Standby Rescue

Rescue Services

Garner Environmental will assist your location in compliance to the rescue portion of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 regulation by providing a complete rescue service and rescue pre-plan system during entry into permit required confined spaces. Garner Environmental will furnish a team of trained professionals to assist with site evaluation and additional safety personnel. All response team members meet the OSHA requirements for permit required confined space supervisors, entrants, attendants, and rescue services.

  • Confined Space
  • Medical Technicians
  • Safety Professionals
  • Bottle Watches
  • Attendants

Emergency Response Consultation

Garner Environmental Services will provide experienced evaluators to assess the needs of your Emergency Response Teams. Each Evaluator has years of experience in Professional Emergency Response. We can design and evaluate tabletop scenarios, as well as full scale drills. The Evaluators will be certified in the matter to be evaluated: Hazmat, Rescue, EMS, and Safety. Upon completion of the drill, Garner Evaluators will provide you with a formal report highlighting the pros and cons of the evolution. Evaluators will look for “Fatal Mistakes”, “Areas of Concern”, and “Compliance Issues”.

For additional information, please contact:

Training & Rescue Services
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Port Arthur
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