HOUSTON, TX – JUNE 12, 2017

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K-Solv, LP (K-Solv) is pleased to announce its acquisition of Garner Environmental Services, Inc. (GESI).  Lyndal D. Garner founded the company in Houston in 1981 and with the sale to K-Solv will retire as President.  GESI offers a broad range of Emergency Response and Environmental Services including industrial maintenance services, disaster response, stand by rescue, waste disposal, safety training and product sales.  Russell W. Allen, owner of K-Solv commented “we see many synergies resulting from the combination of K-Solv, K-Solv Maritime and GESI, providing additional capabilities that will benefit our overall customer base.  By joining the K-Solv companies with GESI, we will become a much stronger player in the industrial, maritime and environmental services market.  David A. Hovde, President of K-Solv and its related companies will assume the additional role of President of GESI.  Outside legal and financial advisory services for the acquisition were provided by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Exit Partners, Cokinos|Young and Jackson Walker, LLP.