Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Garner Environmental Services, Inc. activated on August 12, 2004 and demobilized on October 22, 2004 in response to four hurricane strikes (three major hurricanes). Garner was an instrumental part of the largest Federal Response in the history of the United States, to date. In the response, Garner mobilized, tracked and recovered over 870 pieces of equipment uses for emergency power, emergency pumping and materials handling (i.e. MRE’s, Water and Ice). Garner personnel helped staff and manage the Logistical Staging areas designated by the State of Florida to receive and subsequently supply the disaster victims in the state with emergency power, food, water and ice. Garner also provided hundreds of loads of ice to supplement the Florida Response. Garner worked in extremely close coordination with Forestry, Emergency Management, ACOE, National Guard, etc. Garner had personnel on-site within four hours after activation.