Hurricane Isabel

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Garner responded with personnel and high volume pumps to the Elizabeth River – Mid Town Tunnel in Norfolk, Va. The tunnel flooded completely due to the storm surge during landfall of the hurricane, cutting off a vital Norfolk and Hampton Roads District artery. Using 6”, 8” and 12” high volume trailer mounted and submersible pumps, an estimated 30 to 35 million gallons of water was removed from the tunnels and associated structures underneath. The tunnel and all vent space was pressure washed and all debris removed during the operation. This operation took an estimated 2.5 weeks to finish and the tunnel reopened ahead of the expected date. On-site and pumping within 12 hours.

Hurricane Isabel

Commonwealth of Virginia

Garner provided logistical support in the form of portable power and cable, lighting, and pumping capability. Portable power ranged from 35kW Generators to 1750 kW Generators. These units were provided to 14 different agencies including Public Works Departments, Police Departments and Airports. The units were used to power sewage pumping stations, drinking water systems, hospitals, nursing homes and public shelters in Henrico County. Garner also provided materials such as flares, water coolers, batteries and potable water to the City of New Port News, VA. Garner personnel requested on-site prior to impact of storm event – able to do so due to pre-existing contract with the state.

State of Florida & The Steinhatchee Water Association

Garner provided an initial response on Labor Day Weekend, which required the installation of what became known as the “Water Well on Wheels”. This application required the conjoining of Food Grade Potable Water Tankers, Hydrostatic Water Well Tanks and Pumps to supply water to a system infected with e.coli bacteria. This system was then replaced with a Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) system that currently provides 400 gallons per minute of potable water to parts of two area counties. Water is drawn from system water wells, pumped through the R.O. Units, and pumped via high end pumps to the system water tower for distribution. The system includes R.O. Units, a chemical injection system and pumps. This is an ongoing project. On-site water in place within 8 hours.

Corsicana and Lufkin, East Texas Area

Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery Mission

Garner provided planning, logistics and infrastructure support through April, 2003 for the shuttle recovery mission in East Texas. Electrical and HVAC equipment sent to camps and command centers for support of operational personnel. On-site within 4 hours during a major Ice Storm at the time of the call to respond.

Port of Corpus Christi

Military Equipment Load Out in Support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”

Garner provided 50 person crew and oversight in support of BNSF rail mobilization of Military Equipment through the Port of Corpus Christi. Interface with Military Transport Command personnel as well as army reservists in removing military hardware from shipped rail components and trucks. Worked nights unshackling and offloading equipment for movement onto Liberty Ships for transport to the Middle East. On-site within 6 hours and working.