Corpus Christi, Texas

Tornado Response – Del Mar College

Based upon an existing contract, Garner responded to a tornado strike at the west campus of Del Mar College in Corpus Christi which resulted in extensive damage and one death. Coordinated and managed efforts of subcontractors and maintenance personnel in returning campus to accommodating 80% student capacity within three days (from Sunday to Tuesday) and 100% of student capacity within 6 days. Damaged library temporarily sealed and approximately 17,000 volumes recovered and removed. Low humidity desiccation chamber created at remote location to dry and salvage documents and books, computers and audio-visual equipment. 16,000 volumes salvaged. All destroyed portable building debris removed and disposed of, hazardous material component (mercury and various hydrocarbon spills) recovered and disposed of, water damaged material in interior of damaged buildings removed and building interiors dried for student use. Garner coordinated personal and classroom item recovery from impacted areas. Debris subcontractor Crowder-Gulf and restoration contractor Cotton Catastrophe work overseen and reviewed by Garner project personnel. On-site within 2 hours.

San Antonio and Central Texas Area

South Texas Floods

Supported local fire departments and other local and state agencies by transporting rescue crews, medical supplies and other items across rain swollen rivers. Assisted in the removal of debris in the public assistance area along with cleaning up several area of spilled oil and other material. On-site immediately due to pre-existing contracts.

State of Georgia

Georgia Crematory Body Recovery

Response and setup of generators, HVAC Units, tents for use by Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. DEMORT Team. Garner established a temporary morgue cold storage unit measuring 8,000 sq. ft. Mobilized teams for debris removal and manned the HVAC unit 24 hrs a day to maintain temperatures required for body preservation. Supported GEMA activities with rehab facilities for their personnel Notified at 10:00 AM on a Sat. morning, all initial equipment on-site and setup in less than 8 hours.