Hurricane Michelle

State of Florida

Deployed from California to stand by in the State EOC in Tallahassee for the approaching Hurricane. Worked with ESF-7 personnel to plan and prepare for a major event in Southern Florida. Hurricane dissipated over Cuba and Garner demobilized to regular duty stations. On-site at the EOC within 12 hours of being requested to respond.

Coral Gables, Florida

Responded and pre-staged debris removal equipment for the City of Coral Gables, Fla. The hurricane eventually dissipated over Cuba and all equipment demobilized within one week. All equipment was on-site within 4 hours of the request.

World Trade Center

New York City Police Department

Forensic Debris Recovery Project

New York City – Staten Island – 9/11

First contractor on-site at Staten Island Fresh Kills Landfill post 9/11. Piggybacking upon and utilizing State of New York contract, Garner teamed with and supported New York Police Department (NYPD) and FBI efforts to sift through and examine all debris removed from World Trade Center ‘Ground Zero’ site. In association with NYPD/FBI supervisory personnel, Garner helped design materials handling/debris segregation and screening, and directly assisted in the recovery mission of personal effects, body parts, aircraft parts and documents at the Staten Island site. Project completed in July 2002. Provided heavy equipment (shaker screens, pay loaders, excavators) and operating personnel and management expertise in the recovery of forensic evidence from Ground “Zero”. Provided over 40 pieces of heavy equipment and more than 70 operational personnel to spearhead the handling and examination process. Garner sifted and processed over 1,700,000 tons of debris. From the time this assignment was received on 09/15/2002, Garner was on scene working within 12 hours. Focus of the recovery mission was to support all NYPD forensic operations on Staten Island. Worked and coordinated with over 35 local, state and federal agencies and contractors to help coordinate efforts of more than 1200 personnel handling and sifting debris. Garner transitioned contract agencies from NYPD to the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) management team in late October. The administration of the project was overseen by ACOE prime contractor Philips and Jordan from late October to the end of the project, while NYPD and the FBI retained operational control. ***

New York State – World Trade Center Recovery

State Emergency Management Office

State activated existing state emergency services contract with Garner, assisted the State of New York with resource procurement, coordination, logistics and warehousing. This was done in direct support of NY State and USAR activities and the recovery response effort to the terrorist attack on 09/11/01 against the World Trade Center Complex. Also provided turnkey measures (water, office supplies, climate control, etc.) for support and conversion of downtown armory used as Family Relief Center. Supplied respiratory equipment and hand wash stations in support of Ground Zero effort.

Arrived on scene at the New York EOC in less than 36 hours. Air travel restriction prevented a faster response. While in transit, Garner deployed equipment that arrived within 6 hours of the request.

Tropical Storm Allison Floods

Houston – Public Assistance

Provided personnel, equipment and demolition expertise to Property Development Group in the demolition and restoration of sections of the underground entertainment area. Demolition of the flood damaged area included removal of all debris, demolition of flooded elevators and treatment of the area for mold growth.

Tropical Storm Allison Flooding


Provided turn-key operations for the pumping and recovery from the effects of flood waters. Garner provided pumps, generators, mechanics, operators, fuel, hoses, etc. in relief efforts for Harris County and the City of Houston. Garner removed more than 250 million gallons of water from theater area underground garages and tunnel systems. Recovery and removal of over 170 vehicles submerged in underground. Personnel on-site for two weeks performing cleanup operations. Initial personnel and personnel on-site in 4 hours. Mobilization of over 114 pumps and 3.5 miles of hose from across the United States to handle and supplement recovery operations of city, county, medical center and utility groups.

Terrorist Guerilla Bombing


Responded to the bombing of the Petro-Ecuador Pipeline located approximately 45 kilometers from the Columbian Border along the Equator at the foot of the Andes Mountains. An explosion released 8000 barrels of crude with ensuing fire. Garner provided equipment, manpower and expertise for the cleanup in the very rugged mountainous, riverine terrain. Bioremediation agent used post fire and cleanup.