Hurricane Georges


Emergency power supplies for State of Florida from Key West to Tallahassee. 125 generators and turnkey service provided. On-site within 18 hours.

Tropical Storm Frances


Hazardous material and drum recovery for USCG in Houston Ship Channel. On-site within 4 hours.

Del Rio, Texas


Debris removal, hazardous material removal, and body recovery. On-site within 4 hours.

Hurricane Bonnie

North Carolina

Turnkey emergency power supply for State of North Carolina (300 plus generators). Equipment on-site within 32 hours.


State of Florida

67 Low Ground Pressure (LPG) dozer crews from Jacksonville to Daytona. 214 personnel and equipment crews to fight wide-ranging crown & flash fires. Initial Equipment on-site in 4 hours, all equipment on-site within 24 hours.

Ice storm

New York State

Provided turnkey alternative power sources, logistics, and equipment airlift. All equipment on-site in 16 – 24 hours.


North Carolina

Logistical and consulting support for chemical and biological contamination resulting from floodwaters.